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Remember your body is sacred

Too often our body has been the scapegoat for so much hate, distrust and violence. And yet the body holds so much wisdom, pleasure and possibilities.

When you start to heal trauma, you also feel and see your gorgeous body for the tremendous gift it is. You notice your senses more vibrantly or become more present to how you are feeling from moment to moment, and take responsibility.

What helps you remember your body is sacred?❤️

I have had the pleasure, over many years, to hold my workshops on exploring sexual wounds and trauma.

It's often a deep dive for participants to explore what stands in the way of embracing their sensuality - through slowly accessing the emotions their body, and especially their womb is carrying. Participants are often both excited and a little nervous to do this work

If you are interested uncovering and healing your own sexual wounds and traumas, contact me directly to find our more about how I work.

It is only through exploration in our own bodies we find out how our individual sensual self wants to be expressed. So again:

What helps you remember your body is sacred?❤️

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