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Packages & Rates

Put Your Life Into Focus

I take pride in helping everyone with the heartfelt desire to heal and feel better in their life.

Below are the packages on offer.


To help you make a decision that feels right for you.

900 dkk / Single session

Ad hoc and emergencies

This option is for you who wants support quickly for something that is going on in your life right now. I will do my very best to schedule you asap.
Talking things through or being in a space to feel what's best before we act can save us from creating (more) pain for ourself or others. 
The intention with this session is to offer a space for you to gain clarity and a sense of calmness about your situation right now.

3600 dkk / 5 sessions

Support for intense periods

I thrive to give clients the valuable presence and support they need during intense times of change, sadness and what can also feel like chaotic-times. These regular sessions offer a handing-holding approach. You are given a protected space to feel into and allow your emotions. For a brief while, life can feel as if we are literally drowning. Reach out and take this life line. Text support is available between sessions.

5100 dkk/8 sessions

Process painful memories and soothe your nervous system

When you are healing from deep (childhood) wounds or have had longer periods of stress, grief and upheaval it can be essential to receive regular support and healing. Clients experience this help as invaluable as they allow themselves to dive deep. Allowing me to witness your pain can help you to let it go, slowly, and change from the inside. Change takes time but with love for yourself it can be transformational.

There is comfort in knowing empathy, compassion and deep listening is available for you when you need it. 

Session are valid for four months.

Text support is available between sessions.

5800 dkk/10 sessions

Ongoing emotional attunement 

A place for your sorrows and joys. Work with me as you walk the path of your life. Clients report this ongoing guidance has helped them heal unresolved trauma, as well as feel safe, passionate, calm, and balanced in their life. They spend time becoming aware of the patterns and behaviours that can trip them up.
Clients have dealt with regret for past choices, trust issues, fear of social settings, sabotaging relationships, anger, insomnia, body image, setting boundaries, asking for help and so much more. 
Things become easier when we understand there is no way of living that can immunise us from sadness, but that we don't have to face it alone.
Sessions are valid for one year, with some text support.


You can reschedule or cancel an appointment until 10am (CET) the day before your session. (In the case of a Monday appointment then you need to let me know on the Friday before).

For late cancellations or no shows you will be charged the full amount. 


You are welcome to contact me and I can let you know dates and times I have available. OR you can find a time that suits you and book directly online.

Payments online are with credit card or Paypal - just follow the paypal link and card option will appear. Payment with Mobilepay is also possible (if you live in Denmark). 


You are welcome to book an initial 20 minute consultation to ask questions and get an idea of what it would be like working together.

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