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Say your YES or NO with confidence

Why do I, as a therapist, ask clients for permission during a session?

You might hear me ask questions like:

Would it be ok to give this emotion some space?

Would you like to explore this deeper?

Can I ask you to go to your body right now and see what's happening there?

May I ask you to stay with this feeling a little longer?

May I ask - what's happening right now?

This is because we are creating a space where you can say yes or no. If you are someone who struggles to say no, then asking for your permission, in therapy, starts to give you your sense of power back. It helps you gain more agency of your own needs and the needs of your body.

This tuning-in - in a safe space, for you to practice saying your yes and no, and knowing you will be met, heals deeper issues of not being met or respected earlier in your life. Especially important work if you were abused in any way.


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