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When a relationship feels hard, sad or messy

Support to deal with issues in a family, work, friendship or romantic relationship. Also the biggest relationship - the one you have with yourself

Such a big part of our life is about relating with other people. We need people in our life. We need to work with others, to connect, bond and interact with them in mutually respectful and meaningful ways. Not all relationships are meant to be deep. How we are with others and how that feels for us is worth paying attention to. There are so many ways we can trip ourselves up, our past often plays a role in our behaviours. So it's worth spending time feeling into what is really happening to us in some relationships. You will be encouraged to choose from your hearts, and get used know what a true 'yes' or 'no' feels like. You are not responsible for how others behave, but often times you may take things personally if there is unresolved wounding. These sessions are a way to understand and dive deeper into what is happening when you are being triggered in certain relationships, knowing what is yours (baggage) and what is the other person's is incredibly insightful and helps you move forward and make decisions in an empowered way. 

Most of us have not grown up being encouraged to listen to our instinct (intuition) about others or what to do with it when we are in conflict. There is a way to manage disagreements with others. Many client experiences (and my own!) have also shown me that we allow toxic people to stay too long, giving them a power and control they don't deserve. All of this and more you are encouraged to address in these sessions.

You can expect therapy with healing energy. This is a safe space for you to talk about and feel what lies behind or under the difficulty you are experiencing in a significant relationship. Things, feelings that have been suppressed can often resurface in difficult relationships with others, its natural that your body and emotions can spiral out of recognition.

While we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, but we can learn to listen inwards and take control of how we respond to the people in our life. In these sessions, where a healing energy is always present, you’ll learn about love and acceptance for yourself and how to use your power of choice more and more.

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