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Lakshmih Moon Karlsen

Pain changes your life forever, but so does healing from it

I'm here to support you through your life's storms, big or small, your story is unique. You can expect to be seen, heard, and be met with the deepest empathy for the circumstances of your life. You will be supported and guided to be faithful to your wise voice within - again and again. This is a powerful practice that changes you on the inside and thereby also changes your life on the outside.


I live in Denmark, here I meet people from around the world online and in-person.

Over fifteen years in both workshops and 1-to-1 sessions I have been holding a safe space for people to heal trauma through inquiry, somatic movement and going inwards to the emotionally hard places, the place where your inner child still longs for you to hold them.

I know this way of supporting you, takes you out of your mind - back into your body and into your emotional intelligence. This intelligence is always present, we have to become aware of it. This is what I have seen truly heals and transforms us. 

From where I see you, there is beauty in all of it - there is no shame in being human

My ability to calm people’s nerves and help them grow in confidence is a core strength together with my ability to remain grounded and centred.

I have experienced healing in my own life too, in miraculous ways - like the way I am so much kinder to myself, how I dance and smile more freely, I have more energy physically as well as mentally, and how I'm more available in my relationships in an open, vulnerable and honest way.

1998-2007 Learning & Development Consultant

2005 - Certified Professional Coach (ICF)
2014 - Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (IICT)

2020 - Advanced Healing & Somatic Practices (Trained over 10 years)

2022 - Compassionate Inquiry Method, trained by Gabor Maté

2018 I started working with women to heal the trauma they are carrying in their wombs from childhood experiences, earlier relationships, abuse or other imbalances, to learn more see 

Additional info on me: I was born in the UK, my family came from Kenya in the late sixties. My childhood was full of poverty, violence, hardship and neglect on many levels. My own healing journey nearly broke me, I see this in clients too, but I'm always amazed by the incredible strength of our human spirit when it is met with love, both from others and ourselves.

This is why I choose to be here for you with this work. 

It is a privilege to work with people from all walks of life. It would be an honour to support and connect with you too.

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