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Lakshmih Moon Karlsen

"Pain changes your life forever, but so does healing from it"

I’m of Indian descent; I was born and grew up in the UK. Since 1996, I've lived in Denmark. My own healing journey has taken me deep into uncovering just how much I had suppressed as a child and the generations of ancestral trauma I had absorbed.

I continue to experience this healing in miraculous ways - like the way I am so much kinder to myself, how I dance and smile more freely, I'm more in touch with my emotions and what I'm sensing in my body. And I tune out less and less; In my relationships I show up more open, vulnerable and honest.

However, the healing journey nearly broke me, I see this in clients too, it's rarely a smooth ride but I'm always amazed by the incredible strength of our human spirit when it is met with love, both from others and ourselves.

This is why I choose to be here for you with this work. 

"From where I see you, there is beauty in all of it - there is no shame in being human"


My ability to calm people’s nerves and help them grow in confidence is a core strength together with my ability to remain grounded and centred.

2023 - Certified Compassionate Inquiry (CI) Practitioner trained by Gabor Maté

2020 - Advanced Healing & Somatic Practices (Trained over 10 years)

2014 - Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (IICT)

2005 - Certified Professional Coach (ICF)

1998-2007 Learning & Development Consultant


2018 I started working with women to heal the trauma they are carrying in their wombs from childhood experiences, earlier relationships, abuse or other imbalances, to learn more contact me.

It is a privilege to work with people from all walks of life. It would be an honour to support and connect with you too.

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