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Calm Your Mind and Nervous System

Support to deal with continuous thoughts that can make you feel depressed, anxious and stressed

You are guided gently to come back into a calm body and connection with your heart. This is the key to undoing the tight hold the mind can have on you. In these sessions you can also expect to lie down or sit comfortably as you receive a healing. You may fall asleep, and that's ok, it means your body is relaxing and letting go, the healing will still take place.

When you are in the middle of a painful life situation thoughts of rejection, abandonment, betrayal or being unjustly treated can arise. This can further stress your nervous system. Which can in turn affect every aspect of your life – your sense of trust for others, your ability to commit to projects, your relationship with your body, and your ability to connect with others.

Here's what I know works: by going slow, and with gentleness for yourself, it is possible to come back to a place of calm within you. YES - you have one! For some, they are only able to experience brief moments of calm at a time; but everyone I have ever supported has felt how good it feels to be in contact with this calm place within them, often their heart. 

You are encouraged slowly, to deal with one thing, and one thought at a time at a time. During our time together you are hand held, as you breathe and allow your body to 'talk'. This is a powerful technique to help you access just what is keeping the thoughts spinning. I may encourage you to shake, move, cry or simply lie down afterwards, all depending on what comes up. It's an intuitive process of releasing.

Over several sessions of practicing this again and agin in a safe, loving space clients have reported how things start to shift for them. In the beginning it is about being willing to see the ever-so-subtle changes in thought patterns - this I pick up on when listening to you and I continuously highlight, so you too can acknowledge and integrate these small wins. Whatever is creating the depressed, anxious, and stressed thoughts, it's clearly important for you. So it's essential you feel safe to share and stop feeling guilt or shame. You are allowed to trust yourself and heal.

These sessions offer keys to a healthier life - a daily practice where you have love for yourself. 

I offer tools and techniques I have worked with for over ten years. My intuition is usually a guide when I make suggestions. Sometimes you will find that just to sit in silence while your body or heart processes, allows something to land, it is truly a powerful gift. This work is not analytical, which only keeps the mind engaged. It is a gentle guidance into your body and the intelligence that resides there. This is how we all heal.

The moment you accept yourself, you grow.

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