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When you reject parts of yourself

When you think you have to be a certain way, it becomes easy to reject so-called unfavourable parts of yourself. But they don't go anyway. In fact all these parts are doing, is showing us you your pleas for unconditional love. Yeah, they come out in not-so-nice ways perhaps, which is why you reject them, but allowing them to be present and getting curious about them can uncover a sense of freedom.

A powerful intention for therapy is seeing and feeling how you have (unknowingly) rejected these parts of yourself when you were younger, because it was impossible in the circumstances to have allowed them. And then seeing how you have been seeking others to accept and love you instead.

It is a human need, for all of us, to be loved and to be in connection. But for some reason there can be shame around this.

So finding gentleness for the way you have been seeking attention, even when it created uncomfortable or unwelcome consequences, is a way of letting your body feel relief - it's a coming back to your authentic self❤️

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