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Did you have to suppress your anger?

When you work with me, at some point I will ask you about your anger and if you’ve had an opportunity to express it in a safe way since you were a child. Why? Most people I meet, including myself, had to suppress anger - for a whole host of reasons, mostly because it would have been unsafe to express it, the consequences would have been dire.

The trauma of carrying unsuppressed anger still impacts your emotional and physical well-being today, and you can get (very) sick from this.

Our immune system and our emotional system have the same role, to invite what is nurturing and healthy and to ward off that which is not. They are NOT separate from each other. So when you had to suppress anger as a child, it also compromised your immune system.

So I invite you, slowly and gently, to work with your anger. It’s a way back to the freedom your emotional and physical body yearns for. I have seen it on myself and clients, our confidence in responding to our emotional triggers and being in our body grows as anger rises, has a safe way to express and release❤️

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