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Feeling Safe

If you don’t feel safe with your therapist, nothing is going to change for you. It is the foundation of the relationship. Safety is trust.

🍀You have to be able to trust that you are not going to get hurt.

🌸Trust I want the best for you.

🍀Trust I have the confidence to hold your turmoil. This is the trust you most likely did not receive as a child, so it’s an important cornerstone. Otherwise, you will feel it energetically.

🌸Trust also implies that when you are led to a place that is actually painful for you; you will feel safe to let me know if you need to stop. This leading you to a vulnerable place, where you feel the pain, is also where you heal.

🍀You trust I will stay wth you, as you walk through this pain.

🌸You trust I will not ignore your suffering.

Seeking out safe spaces has always been important for me because I did not have many experiences growing up, where I have felt safe enough to trust people and be vulnerable.

As a therapist, I have spent years in both formal educational settings and informal settings fine-tuning skills and qualities so as to meet your needs for safety - essentially so you can open up to trusting yourself more❤️

My intention is to create a soft landing for your heart.

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