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Clearing the trauma you absorbed

How much time do you spend checking in with yourself?

Or how much time do you spend going through your life ignoring what’s actually going on here right now and carrying on as if it wasn’t going on?

Please, no judgement as you answer these questions🙏

When you have absorbed trauma, you may not even have realise it. Checking in with yourself lets you know if things right now are getting too much. If they are, it’s time to start clearing things out of yourself.

🔥When it gets too much, that’s when we burn out OR we stop caring about ourselves and other people, it’s all simply too much to take in.

That’s why it’s important to check in with yourself. To notice if there is pain in your body or a headache, notice the sensations in your body. Becoming and being aware of it means you can take care of yourself.

This is also the essence of any therapy session with me, a deep check in with yourself, your life and an opportunity to notice, give space and clear things out of the body❤️

Pay attention to yourself right now, notice what's going on for you? Having someone hold space while you do this can make it easier.

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