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Tune into your feelings, have them validated, acknowledge the pain of the past and learn new ways to be


Certified CI Practitioner l Psycho-Spiritual Therapist l Healer 
Trained by Dr. Gabor Maté in Compassionate Inquiry (CI), an internationally recognised trauma-informed psychotherapeutic approach

"When life hurts, genuine loving support is essential to finding your balance again"


I’ve been working with and creating a healing space for clients to heal from childhood trauma, and sexual wounds and trauma, for almost twenty years. 


This is through compassionate inquiry, somatic movement and going inwards to the emotionally hard places - the place where your inner child still longs for you to hold them. When you are witnessed here and no longer alone - this is what I've seen truly heals and transforms people. 

I know this way of supporting you, takes you out of your mind - back into your body and into your emotional wisdom. This wisdom is always present, I'm supporting you to become aware of it.


Facing this pain with gentleness will ultimately lead you to more personal happiness and healthier relationships.


You will build awareness, compassion, understanding, respect, empathy and acceptance - for yourself first and foremost.

"Trauma sits in the body"

The people I meet and work with experience powerlessness, loneliness, a guilty conscious, feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion, sleepless nights or deep sadness, anger, bitterness, jealousy, worrying and isolation. Many have had suicidal ideation or suicidal thoughts. 


These are signs of childhood trauma and if left too long can lead to an eating disorder, addictions, depression, anxiety or chronic pain. All are deep a yearning to be loved; the desire to be loved is natural, it is a human need and yet, most people I meet, feel shame about this. This is a trauma response.

Trauma responses include:
– not being able to speak up or show up for yourself
– finding it difficult to ask for what your need from others
– and one of the biggest is not being able to let the love and kindness from others in – even though it is what you desire most, you are not able to open up and trust people.

If you recognise yourself here, first and foremost be gentle with yourself. Second, know you are not the only one, this was my story too! And I have met many, many people who experience the same deep sadness.

In a safe space, you are invited, slowly, to explore the emotions and feelings that are hidden in your body.

You have the opportunity to express what comes up, all the time being able to let me know what you need to feel safe or if you need to stop.

This is sensitive work and you feeling safe is the most important, without which nothing can shift and change.


Reach out and take my hand, begin a new, beautiful journey. There is space for you to explore, heal and gain clarity. 

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